So 4x04 was basically 3x17 all over again.


Killian starting out all flirty and happy with his Swan.

Is now blackmailed and broody while not being able to tell her.


“What mattered wasn’t so much what the hand was doing but Hook’s reaction to it. He was shocked and disgusted with himself, to the point where he was willing to lose it again if it meant not hurting anyone else. Colin O’Donoghue played Hook’s sense of torment and self-loathing so well in this episode; it broke my heart. He made me believe that Hook was truly terrified of succumbing to his inner darkness again—not just because he could hurt Emma but because he didn’t like himself when that side of him came out again.” — (x)





Is the face of someone who knows they’re completely and utterly fucked.

Here is when she realize that she is in love with him and she can’t change that because this time he is not someone who will leave her alone (even if she has her family), he is not someone who only plays a role just to keep her away of her family (like Walsh) and he won’t die because he told her that he is good at surviving and she knows that.